Oct. 16th, 2012 10:44 am

it's over

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Yatta! my final exam was finished..i want to say "tadaima" (i'm at home right now~) itsumademo home sweet home nee~yes,i can relax at home while watching television,playing with neko-chan and the most important is i want to continue playing mana khemia alchemists of al-revis..oh roxis it's a long time not to see you..i'm really miss u..when i arrived at home i'm immediately switched on my ps2 then,my mom asked "Why are you not sleep at this time?"i just laughing..even i'm a bed type but automatically my habit gone because of game! i'm also looking forward to watch kindaichi sp and shiritsu bakaleya koukou the movie kyaa~
Sep. 22nd, 2012 07:19 pm

study week

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study week is starting today *sigh*..honestly,i don't like study week for this time bcoz i can't go home!!! it's boring stays in hostel for a week without attending any class...argh~plus i need to submit bio thesis and assignment phy on next friday (on the way to finish it)..my first paper exam will start on 1st oct it is business subject and will be finish on 14th..it's about 2 weeks but i have 4 papers only haha the gaps between the papers it about 2 to 3days..that why i usually enjoy during study week,going home,watching television,playing games and never touch any book until my study week finish..unfortunately,i can't do it for this semester so disappointed..never mind i have one semester left and i will graduate on next april yahoo~then, i can stay at home for the rest of my life :-)
Sep. 8th, 2012 12:08 am


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i have a lot of things to do in this month...finishing my biology thesis,preparation for viva,field trip,tests and business project argh~why i need to do all this in a month!! i have to be patient,i'm a student right?? even i'm busy,i have time to update because i have no idea for writing my thesis haha mybe this my 1st time..my biology project is about bacteria,100% all do in laboratory..next wed is viva!!oh my..i have to prepare the slides and answers..i hope i can answer all the examiner's questions..so nervous
Sep. 1st, 2012 11:35 pm


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early in the morning,i had to go career talk at my campus..they talked about what faculty and course we want to take during degree next year..erm i do not know to choice what..haha i'll think it later..the most important thing is i got a set of lunch for free,yatta!! jitsuwa,since i was in elementary school i would like to be an architect,then i started to collect a lot of house plans for my review..after i got to know HSJ,i found out Inoo Kei-chan is an architecture student..i was so happy at that time,he will be my senpai..but unfortunately now,i think i can't do it..that course is too difficult for me..i'm so glad Inoo Kei-chan can do it well until now..i'm very proud of him (able manage his time with work and studies)..sometimes i think i would like to borrow his brain for a while to answer all my exam's questions...haha just kidding impossible2..he is my idol after all..i wish he will graduate with flying colours and me also hihi..issho ni ganbatte!!


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